2019 - 2020 Family "Jump Rope Together!" Rope Skipping Workshop**

Target Participants: Primary School Students and Parents

Workshops: 2 hours per workshop (Total 8 workshops)

2019 - 2020 School "Jump Rope Together!" Rope Skipping Class**

Target Participants: Primary and Secondary School Students

Training Classes: 1 hour 30 minutes per class (Total 10 classes)

**Including 2 Challenge Days (Event details: Challenges, Game Booths, 

Rope Skipping Performance, Health Talk, and etc.), also have chances to 

win lots of souvenirs in the Challenge Days. 

Application Fee: FREE of Charge

Application Method: Apply through the School / NGO, please feel free to contact us for the application form if Schools / NGOs are interested in this programme.

Application Deadline: Application Colsed

For enquiries, please contact the Association via email

(hkrsa.com@gmail.com) or at 9464 9757.

Course Timeline

Jockey Club "Jump Rope Together!" Rope Skipping Scheme is now launched. This programme is funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charity Trust. The application is open to primary and secondary students and their parents. We aim to cultivate children and youngsters to increase the knowledge and interest of rope skipping, improve their physical fitness and develop a healthy lifestyle, build self-confidence and team spirit, and encourage parent-child time. Free rope skipping training courses are offered from elementary to advanced level.

Programme Objectives:
i) To organize rope skipping classes, challenge days and badges award scheme for primary and secondary students and parents to experience and enjoy from rope skipping.
ii) To organize large-scale rope skipping promotional activities for the public.
iii) To provide a platform for the participants to build self-confidence, develop healthy lifestyles and experience rope skipping with families and friends.


Jockey Club "Jump Rope Together!" Rope Skipping Scheme - Programme

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